Always Be Hiring

Jim Williams
Nov 1, 2023

I once had a leader I worked under who loved to say, “great people don’t sometimes make a difference, they always make a difference”.

I agreed with him then as I do now. Great people do always make a difference. For this month’s blog post on talent I will focus on HOW you get them.

When working with leaders, clients that are having talent challenges this is where I often like to start, with a simple question, “How do you get the best talent?” I have gotten answers that take 10 seconds and answers that take an hour, always found that interesting.

I have heard things like....

  1. I just know.
  2. I make sure my leaders are all over that.
  3. I hold my recruiters accountable for getting them.
  4. I count on employee referrals.
  5. My budget doesn't really allow me to hire right now.

These are all reasonable responses, and I am sure work at some kind of level.

I would offer this; Hiring great talent is YOUR responsibility as a leader and you need to be doing it ALL THE TIME.

Someone taught me a long time ago that as a leader of teams I needed to be A.B.H. (Always be Hiring). When leading businesses, all of them from the millions to the billions in revenues I am always looking for talent. I certainly use all my resources, including HR and Recruitment but there is only one owner of talent in an organization I have led and that’s me.

HOW I do it, includes almost everything I have heard from those I have worked with in the past that I listed above, AND the ownership of it lies with me as the leader.

In the months ahead I will share more on a system we coach at Getting Thru to help you drive a Talent pipeline that will help your team and organization win.


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