Fear Is a Strange Motivator

Jim Williams
Nov 1, 2023

Mindset is a powerful thing.

When my son Kyle was diagnosed with Cancer at age 5 I can tell you my initial mindset was one that was filled with shock, anger, resentment and fear, a CRAZY amount of fear.

I have found that fear is a strange motivator, it certainly motivates but what exactly? In that diagnosis moment I could only see one thing: Kyle dying. When the doctor said to my wife and I that Kyle had cancer I have to admit it was the first thing that popped in my head. My only son, dying.

It took me some time but that fear did indeed wane and my mind cleared. Not going to say it cleared in a moment, that’s just not how it worked for me but it did indeed clear.

Over the coming months Kyle as a 5 year old boy taught me powerful life lessons and with the benefit of hindsight the elements of those lessons are so clear. Here they are;

  • Belief: Powered by faith!
  • Empathy: Powered by kindness!
  • Resilience: Powered by passion to live and desire to contribute!
  • Gratitude: Powered by love!
  • Service: Powered by purpose!

In the months ahead I will share perspective in monthly blog posts and the Getting Thru podcast on the power of mindset. These are the elements of my mindset; I try to practice them daily, I really do. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I’m not. When I am at my best they come thru, in a major way.

How do you define your mindset?