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Getting Thru

(The Worst Possible Thing)

Jim's first book, "Getting Thru” (The Worst Possible Thing) is now available. This memoir is more than just a chronicle of his son Kyle's battle with Neuroblastoma, a rare pediatric cancer. It's a testament to the indomitable spirit of a child who, despite facing insurmountable odds, taught his father 5 invaluable life lessons.


5 Simple Truths

Kyle taught Jim Five Simple Truths that helped get him through his treatment and tragic passing while becoming a better human being in the process.

1. Belief

How do you believe when you are going through a life altering, terrifying and incredibly sad experience? By choosing faith, that's how. My son Kyle taught me how and this book might just teach you how too.

2. Empathy

Empathy and Sympathy are similar but NOT the same. You practice empathy WITH someone while sympathy is done FOR another. My son Kyle showed me what empathy looked like under conditions that broke me to my core and brought me back from the brink of hopelessness.

3. Resilience

Whenever I try to understand the true meaning of a word I look at its definition in Latin. Leap Back! That is the latin translation for resilience. Leaping back from difficult challenges is how I saw Kyle live. You should too.

4. Gratitude

I sat with Kyle on his bed towards the end of his fight. He was thoroughly enjoying a bottle of Cherry Coke, his favorite. After taking the first sip he held the bottle to his ear, listened to it and smiled. He then handed the bottle to me, asked me to hold it to my ear and said, "Dad, listen to the bubbles, dont they sound cool"? It was one of the last things he said to me and I have never forgotten the brilliant lesson in that experience. No matter the difficulty, find gratitude in your life, you will be better for it.

5. Service

When Kyle came back to Childrens Hospital in Minneapolis from Sloan Kettering in NYC he was an expert as a pediatric cancer patient. The nurses there loved him and for good reason. When new kids came in and were lost (as were their parents) Kyle went out of his way to welcome them, show them the ropes and give them kind words that "everything was going to be alright". This is what it means to serve something larger than yourself.

You Will Need Some Tissues But It Will Be Worth it!

These principles and lessons, learned in the corridors of renowned hospitals from Children's Hospital in Minneapolis to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, not only guided Jim through the darkest period of his life but now serve as the foundation of his teachings as they will guide and serve you too.

"I have never before been so invested in a story... The heartache, the strength, the tears, the inspiration. An absolute must-read (with a box of tissues to hand) for anyone looking to equip themselves with the tools needed to get through the worst possible thing."

Hayley Paige

Award-Winning Publisher

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