New Beginnings & Commitments

Jim Williams
Jan 9, 2024

As we begin a new year, for many of us our minds and hearts are focused on new beginnings.  

In fact, many of us make new commitments looking to do things differently to become an even better version of ourselves.  

Well, guess what; according to my good friend from the world of A.I., ChatGPT, studies suggest that only around 20% of us keep our resolutions in the long term. I started thinking about why that is. Reflecting on how I have done over the years staying committed to new year resolutions and sadly, I mostly fall in the 80% that do not stick with them.  

One of the things that has helped me get thru my biggest challenges, I like to call them my worst things, is mindset. It is turning every scenario, good and bad, into a learning experience; mostly about myself and who I really am.  

Years ago, I heard a leader speak to a large group about three things; Passion, Commitment and Will to Win. We were embarking on a transformative journey as the company we loved needed to change. What was interesting was that we were the number 1 player in the space in which we operated and were widely praised as one of the best retailers in the world. So why change? We were already passionate, committed and had shown a will to win that brought us to such remarkable success.

So how did we do it? How did we change? Well, it started with mindset. Each of us on the leadership team needed to change the way we perceived ourselves, first. This would lead to how the organization perceived itself. We had to move from thinking we were the dominant player to the underdog. This new perception, the need to change to win the future, not just sustain what we had accomplished, was driven by a new level of commitment; supported by great passion and will to win a new game.  

This game was full of new competition, not who we had beaten before. It was filled with deep pocketed technology companies who were looking in many ways to disintermediate us. Go direct to the consumer, so to speak, not to mention a certain online retailer who will remain nameless. One who was held to a different standard, like delivering profit and earnings, they just needed to grow revenue and share. It was scary but exciting all at the same time.

I think back to this experience in my professional life and take stock in where I find myself today. What am I truly committed to? What am I truly passionate about? How am I defining winning or success?

I write these blogs to simply share perspective. This blog is about mindset and as I think about what I am resolving myself to; my mission of inspiring others to get thru their biggest challenges, their worst things I need to re-commit to my purpose and be sure it is part of everything I do.  

As I have shared before, my mindset that has gotten me thru consists of Belief, Empathy, Resilience, Gratitude and Service. I wonder if every year, around this time those who plan out their new year resolutions make mindset a central part of the equation. Just because you add that workout, sign up for the weight loss app, write down the books you want to read will not make it so. You need to check your mindset, align it to your purpose, and then commit with passion and will to win.  


One last thing. Keep in mind that as you make these mindset changes those around you may not make it easy. They will see a new year, one who is thinking differently and frankly may not embrace it. Remember, people do not like change in whatever form it takes. This is where BELIEF will need to come forward. It is also where EMPATHY needs to show up, be kind to yourself and those around you. RESILIANCE will also play a hand in this new game. You will undoubtably have setbacks, how you leap back from those will matter. You will need to show yourself and those who support you a level of GRATITUDE. Finally, you will need to SERVE. Serve your new self in a new way, using these new resolutions to make the world you live and work in a better place.  

Here is to a great 2024!

- Jim